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The rural policy team of the Center for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Region and Cities : Enrique, Stefano, Elodie, Chris, Tamara, Emiko and Guillaume (from left to right)

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has been engaged in rural development work for almost forty years. This blog shares the OECD’s current and ongoing research and projects on rural development.

It’s an exciting time for rural policy. Addressing rural constituencies is at the top of many national policy agendas as the growing inequality between regions within countries has led to a divide in terms of access to employment and services.

The widening productivity gap within regions across the OECD was the topic of the 2016 Regional Outlook, which also provided a special focus on rural areas and unveiled an update rural policy framework –the Rural Policy 3.0. Rural Policy 3.0 reflects emerging policy approaches for rural development in OECD countries.

Many countries are still facing the pressures of fiscal consolidation which require them to maximise public investment and resources, while at the same time, mitigate inequality and attain inclusive growth. Furthermore, better understanding people’s wellbeing and its multiple dimensions — economic, social and environmental — has come to the forefront of policy debates. We look forward to continuing to help countries address medium and long-term challenges in rural areas.


Enrique Garcilazo

Head of Rural and Regional Policy Unit, Center for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Region and Cities, OECD